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Transshipment by STS

Ready to outsource your inventory management? Take advantage of our warehousing expertise and optimized warehouse processes.

Save time, money and space and outsource your stock management to us for a short or longer period of time. You don’t have to look far for a reliable and affordable storage partner in the center of the Netherlands.

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About storage and transshipment

STS Warehouse Amersfoort

With over 2,500 m2 of storage space – guarded by advanced security systems – your goods are in safe hands with STS. After receipt and registration, we assign the goods to a location and store them carefully. Our racks make optimal use of the available space and also provide extra structure and overview in the warehouse. This creates an advantage of scale, so that we keep the costs for storage of goods as low as possible.


In addition to warehouse storage we also offer the fulfilling and shipping of orders to customers, better known as e-fulfillment. From the moment a purchase is finalized, we take care of the complete order handling. From order picking to transporting products and delivering them to the customer. Not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the Benelux and Germany.

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Additional services

Warehousing at STS goes further than just storage. We also offer additional services such as (re)labelling and assembly. With this, the order process is arranged in detail by us and we add extra value to products. And that also increases conversion for your business!