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After a purchase we step in

At STS we understand that as a webshop owner you prefer to outsource the logistics steps after a sales order. Inventory management, packing and shipping products is simply a time-consuming process. That’s why we offer e-fulfillment: the complete handling of online sales orders. We store your products, take care of pick & pack and ship to the customer. We also take care of return shipments. This way you can fully focus on business operations and customer contact. In short, STS offers all the services you can expect from an e-fulfillment warehouse.

About E-fulfilment

What is e-fulfilment?

The beautiful English name e-fulfillment stands for the processing of goods after a transaction via the internet (read: webshop). This includes storing products in a warehouse, processing sales orders and organizing transport to the customer. An e-fulfillment warehouse is therefore the logistical (and logical) solution for e-commerce webshops. Holding inventory as a company is often very expensive and much less efficient. In addition, a company saves a lot of time with e-fulfillment by not packing and sending the orders themselves.

Business card of your webshop

As a webshop owner you are busy enough with the website, customer relations, online marketing, aftersales, etc. Although storing, packaging, labeling and shipping the products is at least as important, it’s a time-consuming process that listens closely. How you package, ship and deliver a product largely determines the ultimate customer experience with your company. You can actually see this process as the business card of your webshop.

Let us know what we can do for you

Collecting data

If desired, we also collect data on the ordering behavior of your customers. This way you can receive  valuable insights. Which items are often ordered and at which times does your webshop convert best? This way we map out patterns that are useful for both parties and it allows us to optimize our stock management even further.

Benefits of e-fulfilment: